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Lionel Richie – The R&B music artist

Lionel Richie has a beautiful honey-like voice that is loved by millions of fans around the world.  He is famous as the singer for the R&B music station and his voice has been heard on the radio by people around the world.  Some of his famous songs are.

  1. Three times a lady
  2. Hello
  3. Truly
  4. Say you, say me
  5. Dancing on the Ceiling

In the beginning, he was working with Commodores and with the passage of time he got the biggest break that allowed him to start his solo career and he was the biggest success in his field as well.  Lionel Richie is a very hardworking singer and songwriter.  He is one of those personalities that never thought of starting a career as a musician, but their destiny brought them there.

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He is a Grammy Award winner as well as being listed among the most successful songwriters and singers of the 20th century.  In the 20th century, he was the most loved singer in the world and people preferred to hear his songs because they were very melodious.  Most of his songs were as listed in the top 100 lists as well as some of his songs were copied in more than 100 records that show how much love he had from his fans.  Once he started his solo career he worked with many amazing artists including.

  1. Enrique Iglesias
  2. Diana Ross
  3. Kenny Chesney
  4. Rascal Flatts
  5. Shania Twain
Lionel-Richie-net-worth Lionel Richie – The R&B music artistGoogle Photos

He is not only known for his career in music but also, he appeared in the famous film Pariah and a documentary Who Do You Think You Are?

Childhood & Early Life

Lionel Richie was born in Alabama.  He was a good student in school and a very skillful Tennis player.  At that time, it seemed like he will become a famous Tennis player.  After completing his school, he got a scholarship because of his skill in Tennis that he accepted to pursue his education.  He majored in Economics.  It was his University life that changed his career goals.  He showed interest in music and participated in several R&B groups.  It helped him to understand that he had been born to sing and share his amazing voice on a global level.

gettyimages-478867634-e2b019b6-9c3d-47b4-a8d9-a32d47bf9c78 Lionel Richie – The R&B music artistGoogle Photos


1969 was the year when he started his career in the music.  He was signed by the Commodores as the saxophonist and singer.  In the same year he signed his first contract with the Atlantic records for a single song and after that, he was selected by Motown Records.

lionel-richie Lionel Richie – The R&B music artistGoogle Photos

He worked with the Commodores for many years and got his first break when he got the chance to sing for the cover of Endless Love with Diana Ross.  After that, he realized that he can become a solo performer as well.

lionel_richie_gettyimages-928711482_1280 Lionel Richie – The R&B music artistGoogle Photos

From the time of 1970 to onwards he worked on different amazing projects and most of them were related to singing.  Most of the singers have a few songs that get the recognition from the fans but in the case of Lionel Richie, almost all of his songs became famous.  This is the reason that he was often called to play for the songs of films.

Giuseppe-Craca-foto-lionel-richie-piazzola-sul-brenta-padova-2016-5 Lionel Richie – The R&B music artistGoogle Photos

He not only worked on his own songs but also tried his level best to assure that he will sing for the covers and songs of the movies that turned him into a great artist.  From every experience, he learned something new and that is how he won the hearts of millions of individuals around the world.  The most surprising part of his career was when his performed at the Times Square for the release of his new album.  As well as he had been seen in the Australian Idol and people loved his performance and the way he grabbed the attention of the public.  In 2013, released the date of his world tour and during his tour, he found out how many people are in love with his amazing voice.

Awards & Achievements

Lionel Richie won several awards and some of them have been listed below.

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  1. He won the Grammy Award in 1985 for Can’t Slow Down and as well as for the song of the year.
  2. In 1994, he had been introduced in the Songwriters Hall of Fame
  3. He is the winner of George and Ira Gershwin Lifetime Achievement Award
  4. On the Hollywood Walk of Fame, he has his own Star
lionel-richie4-1240506854-view-3 Lionel Richie – The R&B music artistGoogle Photos

You must have been thinking that all these achievements and awards might have made him arrogant.  However, he has one of the best and most humble personalities that you will find in the world.  Most of the men do not like to work for the charities that belong to the welfare of women.

However, He showed the world that everyone has been created equal and that is why he has been working as an activist in the breast cancer prevention campaign.  He raised $3.1 million to help the breast cancer research foundation to work on the treatment and cure of breast cancer so that lives of thousands of women can be saved.  Get Hooked on Lionel.