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From music to movies, the entertainment industry serves as a source of constant inspiration.  Former ‘American Idol’ contestant Kellie Pickler is an inspiration for all.

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About Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler was born to entertain; she became involved in singing and pageantry circuit from an early age.  After winning a beauty pageant in 2004, she began forging one of the most admirable profiles in the industry.  Lady Pickler signed with BNA Records and dropped her first single in 2006.  Hardworking as ever, she developed into a fine country artist and released three well-received albums under BNA Records: ‘Small Town Girl’, ‘Kellie Pickler’ and ‘100 Proof.’

In 2013, she bagged more accolades including the winner of Season 16 of ‘Dancing with the Stars.’  In 2013 she also released a new album ‘The Woman I Am’ with new record label Black River Entertainment.

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Kellie has a life outside the entertainment industry, and she protects it at all costs.  Shaving her long, beautiful hair in support of a friend plagued with breast cancer was a welcome and appreciated move by the whole planet.

Kellie has lent a hand to many nonprofit organizations and we all appreciate her doings.  She came so far despite a troublesome childhood, so kudos lady Pickler.  You and your works are an inspiration to us all.

The world has made big leaps away from the days where warring was the order of the day.  Togetherness is now more cherished and entertainment is disputably the leading factor in all of this.  The growth of the entertainment industry has offered a worthy and distinct distraction from the aftermath of the rigors of society.  After a long day at work, one can pay a visit to the cinema and de-stress.  The strong messages passed in music and movies can motivate the hopeless.  Entertainers like Kellie Pickler are leading the way. With good entertainment, the world will remain cheered and that’s what we all need to come together and be happy.

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