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Bob Podraza – A ‘Huge’ Talent

bob-podraza-300x300 Bob Podraza - A 'Huge' TalentNumerous music fans in the Philadelphia area are already familiar with the name Bob Podraza, but this talented musician continues to accumulate new fans on a with every performance. If yo’ve not yet discovered Bob Podraza and his band in the region’s local clubs and concert venues of the region, stay tuned.

Bob Podraza is a member of the aptly­ named band ‘Could’ve Been Huge’, and they are clearly living up to their name. Bob shares the stage with fellow band members James Lauchmen, Alan Dean, Jim Barish and Greg Fox; together they perform their eclectic mix of classic and alternative rock.

bobpodraza-and-cbhband-300x226 Bob Podraza - A 'Huge' TalentThroughout their time together, Bob Podraza and ‘Could’ve Been Huge’ have delighted fans throughout the region, playing their favorite songs and gaining new fans every stop along the way.  The band was founded in January 2008, and it took no real time at all for Philadelphia area music fans to discover the great talent Bob Podraza and his band mates brought to the stage. The band was a hit right from the start, and their talent and dedication have allowed them to grow even more.

Bob Podraza is rightfully proud of Could’ve Been Huge, and serves as the band’s guitarist and lead vocalist.  He also shares those duties with fellow band member Jim Lauchman.  Fellow band member and vocalist Alan Dean also plays bass, with Greg Fox playing drums, and Jim Barish on the piano, organ and synthesizers.

BobPodrazasit-300x225 Bob Podraza - A 'Huge' Talent

Bob Podraza and band mate James playing acoustic.

While each of these men is supremely talented in their own right, it is their unique combination that makes Could’ve Been Huge such a success throughout the Philadelphia region and beyond. The band is currently recording under the suitably named Could’ve Been Huge Productions, and Bob Podraza and his fellow band members remain busy entertaining fans, recording songs, and creating great music.

bobpodraza1-201x300 Bob Podraza - A 'Huge' Talent

Bob Podraza on guitar.

Bob Podraza has deep roots in the Philadelphia area, and he is proud to call the region his home.  Currently a resident of Perkasie, Pennsylvania, Bob Podraza is a fixture in the local clubs, bars and theatres.  Bob Podraza and his bandmates are equally at home in a classic theatre, a fun nightclub or a local bar.  Yet regardless of where they are performing, Bob Podraza and Could’ve Been Huge always 100% to ensure each performance the best they can possibly give.  With so much talent at their disposal, it is no wonder Bob Podraza and the rest of Could’ve Been Huge are making such a big splash in the Philadelphia area and beyond.  If you’ve seen them perform, you already know how Bob Podraza and company are able to bring classic rock standards alive. If you have not yet seen them, watch for them, mark your calendar and see just why fellow music fans love this talented performer so very much.

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