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Philly’s Hottest DJ: Angel Donato


Who knew that the teenage girl from South Philly who called her local radio station hourly to request another playing of Rick Springfield’s “Jesse’s Girl” would become one of Philadelphia’s hottest and best-loved radio personalities?  The kid who hung around radio stations trading work for records went on to launch an illustrious radio career in the City of Brotherly Love.  If you haven’t heard Angel Donato talk music shop, be sure to catch her live on 101.1 More FM.

kellie-pickler-300x225 Philly's Hottest DJ: Angel DonatoAngel Donato knew from an early age that she wanted to work in radio.  As a fan of multi-type musical genres, Donato has worked at pop, oldies, modern rock, and country radio stations.  Having studied radio at Temple University, Angel Donato bounced around between a few stations in her career before spending a long time at MAXX 97.5 and later at the hot country station.  She’s also worked as a DJ for a dance music station for a time.  Having become a popular fixture on the region’s radio waves, Donato finally found her ideal home at 101.1 More FM, which plays a wide array of adult contemporary hits that draw a huge following.

Angel’s Music

4-rick-springfield-255x300 Philly's Hottest DJ: Angel DonatoWhile Angel Donato spins a lot of contemporary hits on the air these days, she has a love for a wide array of bands and musicians.  From Foreigner to the Bangles, from Stephen Tyler to Payton Taylor, Angel Donato has diverse musical tastes that have definitely impacted her radio career.  In her current role, she plays a lot of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, but she’s able to squeeze in some older contemporary hits into the playlist for an eclectic mix that fans love.  If you like listening to the Goo Goo Dolls, Fiona Apple, Lady Gaga, or Bon Jovi, you’ll love Angel  Donato’s hip style.

Positivity and Feel-Good Vibes

110-300x300 Philly's Hottest DJ: Angel DonatoAngel Donato stays engaged with her fans via her on-air time as well as her Facebook page.  One thing fans love about her is her relentless positivity.  She is a positive-spirited person who enjoys making her fans feel good about themselves.  Her inspirational messages demonstrate her sincere regard for all those she engages with.  If you follow Angel Donato on social media, you’ll definitely love her motivational discourse.

Get to Know the Hometown DJ

310-225x300 Philly's Hottest DJ: Angel DonatoFans love Angel Donato because she’s just like them.  She loves spicy food, attending concerts, listening to music, hanging out with friends, traveling and reading too.  Angel Donato typically works weekends for the station.  You can listen to her while you’re sitting out in the backyard, cooking, or driving in your car.  Her warmth and personable charm complement her easily recognizable voice.

If you are a music fan, be sure to catch Angel Donato play contemporary adult hits on the weekends for 101.1 More FM. You can also get to know the radio website and its hot contests. Be sure to check the website for more information about Angel Donato’s live air shows.

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