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Now more than ever, ‘be in the know before you go!’  In this ever-evolving age of changing trends and information, Hooked on Everything articles give you an inside look at the latest dining and travel destinations, the hottest local entertainers, and the best venues in the tri-state region, and much more — So Sign Up and Stay Tuned!

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The value of ‘Hooked on Everything’ and its subsidiaries grows exponentially when articles are shared on Social Media Sites.  Recently, visitors to one of our ‘Hooked on Entertainment’ articles which features Michael Jackson impersonator Solomon Roller began sharing it on their personal Social Media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. In less than 24 hours, Solomon’s article received over 750 views!  Now just 4 months later, Solomon Roller has received over 50,000 page views!!!  That’s the power of Social Media!  As you navigate through the ‘Hooked on Everything’ website, please click on the ‘social media buttons’ located on your favorite articles to share them with friends and followers on your personal social media pages. Hooked on Everything’s talented team includes website designers, SEO experts, social media gurus and much more. Additionally, Hooked on Everything is committed to providing its clients and subscribers with affordable prices for it’s incredible services. Restaurants, entertainers, businesses, websites and more gain invaluable exposure by signing on with Hooked on Everything, increasing their visibility, website traffic, social media presence and boosting popularity.

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Welcome to Hooked on Everything — we call it that because visitors to our site love the convenience of receiving feature articles via their subscription to Hooked on Dining, Hooked on Travelling, Hooked on Entertainment, Hooked on Adventure, and much more.  Stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest in current trends and popular entertainment and exciting events in our sensational tri-state area!  Please fill out the subscription form at the bottom of this page, and we’ll reply by sending you links to articles written specifically about your personal interests and requests.

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HookedonDiningWould you like to try a new or different restaurant, but you’re not entirely sure where to go?  What type of food and menu selections do they offer?  How is the atmosphere-is it good for kids or does it have more of a ‘date-night’ vibe?  When planning a vacation, are you interested in site seeing, relaxing or adventure – or perhaps all of the above?

Hooked on TravellingWouldn’t you love receiving reviews on vacation destinations before booking your travel plans?  Are you searching for entertainers who are incredibly talented, and are favorites among the many local venues?  Hooked on Everything features an incredible variety of talented artists and entertainers, and we spotlight the venues where you can watch them perform!  We also feature the most recent trends in travel and adventure, and the hottest restaurants in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.  So sign up and read on!
Hooked on EntertainmentHooked on Everything is dedicated to providing you with instant access to a growing network of bloggers who have immersed themselves in travel, dining, entertainment, and other lifestyle inspirations, and then written about and shared their experiences.  Just complete the Subscription or the Contact Form below, and list your preferences on the categories of ‘Hooked On’ articles that interest you.  We appreciate that these days our inbox can be barraged with email messages, so please include how often you’d like to receive your customized articles — once a week or once every two weeks.  (Of course, you also retain the option to unsubscribe, change the frequency of delivery, or change your email address.)

Hooked on EducationIf you want to sort out the nation’s best education programs, Hooked on Education offers quality content
to help you make an informed and valuable decision.  Hooked on Kids presents users with the kind of offers that allow kids to have memorable and fun experiences.

HookedOnHealthinessAs the name implies, Hooked on Everything is exactly that.  A venue to indulge in whatever you are hooked on with diverse topics ranging from health to sports not forgetting convenient services such as those that lawyers provide; here you have a window to screened, curated content that allows privileged access to any quality information you may need.

Hooked on WebsitesWhether it is through our engaging and user-friendly website, e-news, or our dynamic presence on social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and GooglePlus, through Hooked on Everything users have access to what truly matters to them, in the areas on which they are most hooked.

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